Status updates from Ikea Trådfri drivers (dimmable transformers)

I installed two IKEA Trådfri drivers today and added them to my Homey Pro.

My setup is the following:

I added the square dimmer to Homey as a basic zigbee device (becomes an on/off switch)

I added the two drivers directly to Homey (no IKEA gateway)

I paired the dimmer with the drivers.

So everything is working fine and I can control my drivers through the dimmer AND through Homey. (even thou I don’t see any reason to add the dimmer to my homey)

But I noticed one thing that bothers me while creating flows. When I dim the drivers with Homey I get an updated dim-level in Homey. But when I dim the drivers via the dimmer, Homey won’t retrieve/receive an updated dim-level. It’s as if Homey’s not receiving status changes from the drivers if the commands are not being sent from Homey.

Is this a common problem?

What we are talking about? What do you mean with „driver“?

This one?

I guess the problem is, that the Dimmer is paired only as basic device, but don’t know 100%.
There is a test version of the Ikea TRÅDFRI App available, which supports the Wireless Dimmer. But this version works actually only with Homey Firmware v5.x which is also in beta state.

Yes the dimmable transformer.

But what I don’t understand is why the dimmer even needs to be part of the equation? Shouldn’t the transformers report any changes regardless of who triggers them?

But I just realized something!
I have a Telldus control outlet (wall socket) that runs on z-wave and it works great when I control it with Homey. But when I toggle it manually (with the physical on/off button) Homey doesn’t receive the new state. Is it a Homey- or z-wave/zigbee limitation?
My understanding was that z-wave/zigbee always reports its actual state.
Is anyone else seeing the same behavior?

I have the same problem with my Kadrilj blinds.
If I control the position with the remote control or with the device in the Homey App, Developer only shows 0 (closed) or 1 (open). In this case 0 and 1 indicate the last direction.
If I set a position via a flow, e.g. 64%, then this value is also displayed in Developer.
But I don’t know if this is an error or a technical default. Therefore I will write to Athom.

When I switch a Fibaro WallPlug or an Aeotec SmartSwitch 6 (both Z-Wave) on or off at the hardware side, the changes are reported to both the Homey App and Developer.

Strange that my devices don’t report back. Maybe I should try the beta firmware. Is that what you are using?
Do I loose all my settings if i upgrade to the beta?
Is it possible to downgrade if I’m not satisfied?

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I installed the beta FW 5.0 and kept getting the same results, but when I installed the beta Telldus app the wallplug started reporting back the status. It seems to be an app-limitation that has been fixed in the latest app-version.

Now I need to wait for Aqara to provide a new app that works with 5.0 firmware. :pensive:

You were a bit too fast.
The main change in Homey V5.x is the optimization of the ZigBee integration and the change from SDK2 to SDK3 (I think I’m not a programmer).
As long as the old ZigBee apps haven’t been updated to SDK3, but you have already installed Homey FW v5.x, the apps won’t work anymore. Maybe you should have checked the forum first.
If you want to know the status of the Aqara app, you can follow this post:

Yes I was aware of this, but it was more important to get status updates in telldus working, than having my few aqara devices functioning. I can wait a bit with aqara :slight_smile:

I have the same problem! Homey is not receiving status of any of my devices except for WiFi… I’m on 5.0 and something is really wrong here! It started out with zigbee trouble and now I have trouble with all zwave and zigbee :cry:

I’m sorry to say that when you upgrade to an experimental, unfinished firmware that has known issues with Zigbee and Z-Wave, it’s not unexpected.

Yes I know, just didn’t think that the software would be that broken… I thought that the point of having an experimental build was to get users to test it, but now it’s just to buggy to use on a daily basis. When homey 5.0 final is out I will definitely turn off experimental.

That’s right what Robert says.
Nevertheless my Zigbee (Ikea and Hue) devices and my about 80 Z-Wave devices work 99% reliable with the v5.0.0-rc26.
Have you ever done PTP?

Ofc I’ve done ptp… I’m even on rc27 that athom made me test specifically. It fixed my zigbee issues, but now homey isn’t updating status from devices. Hopefully homey will fix this

Okay… rc27
I’m still waiting for rc27 because it should fix some problems with tamper alarms at Z-Wave devices.
So please tell Athom that rc27 is really buggy… :wink:

Well I can tell you right away that tamper alarm on one of my water guards can’t be reset. I might think that my rc27 is not the “final” rc27 so hopefully it will be fixed in the real release

Okay, but this seems to be an different (a hardware) problem. My and other people problem is, that the tamper alarm switch on for no reason. You can delete the ta, but after an unspecified time the ta switch on again.

Hi guys, I also just noticed this. Essentially I have Ikea dimmable bulb that is added to homey. I have square Ikea dimmable switch that is also added to homey. On top of that switch is paired directly to bulb. Now, I can control everything normally however if I turn on or off bulb with switch directly homey does not receive status update from the bulb. So homey thinks bulb is off while it’s on and vice-versa.

I’m on 7.3.0 and latest Ikea app. Are you seeing this also?

yes, same behaviour. No status update to homey if the driver is controlled by the remote. Homey 8.0.1. But must say I am happy that connecting the remote directly is way more easy than adding more flows in Homey to replicate the behaviour of the remote.

Yes, I also left it like that. Tried to contact the support, I must say after receiving short answer from the development I was left with not really convincing story that Ikea firmware is the one to blame. I deeply doubt that… Deeeeeeply.