Ikea Trådfri Dimmer added but dos not work

The switch’s connects to my Homey Pro fin, but when using the switch in a flow noting happens.
I can get the RemoteControl to work fine, but struggle with the dimmer switch.
Anyone have an ide what is causing the issue?


Sorry, you have to provide some info of your setup.
Please share your flows first, and specify which dimmer you use. The Rotating Dimmer or Wireless Dimmer…

Thank you for replying.

The Switch is the Wireless Dimmer - 704.085.95.
The flow was a simple one:

I don´t know why, but today it works fine.

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I guess it’s a connection problem. So maybe the Dimmer Switch is to far away from Homey or a router. Do you have router in your Zigbee network?
Or maybe just use a new battery.

Please have a look at this recommendation: