Trigger based on lamp status

I might this question is already answered but not found by me and I am a newby on Homey. I want to create a flow based on if a lamp is on or off. If a zigbee lamp is switched on by a traditional switch (I have this possibility) I want to trigger a flow to switch on an other zigbee lamp which can not be connected to the same switch. Usage you switch on a ceiling lamp this has to trigger to switch on a lampstand somewhere else in the room. If I switch off the ceiling lamp I want to use is to switch of the lampstand also off.

Hi Hans,
FYI Zigbee lights are part of your zigbee mesh network (they have a router function); it’s a good idea to leave them powered on 24/7, and switch on/off via zigbee commands.
To answer the Q.:
IF “light that is switched on by powerswitch is switched on”
THEN “switch on light which should be switched on”

Thanks Peter,

Both units are always powered and part of the mesh network. Only one is switched with a hard wired switch to trigger

How exactly? What is the switch switching? Or is it a smart switch?

I use the Tuya smart switch which zigbee 3.0 is powered 230v and a normal switch which fits in our home design.

I still don’t understand: is the Tuya smart switch physically switching a Zigbee light bulb?

In any case, since it’s a smart switch, what stops you from creating a flow that gets triggered when the switch switches on/off and then switch the other light on/off accordingly?

The Tuya Zigbee Switch you can physically switching a standard bulb. This means even if you hub is down you can stil switch on the light. This switch is powered by 230 volt. A isolated relay to be used for ay think like fan, lamp or other item and a isolated switch input. If you close the switch you relay will be activated this is also shown on the app light is on. If I use the app to switch of the light this is possible. If I open the switch then the light will go on.

This sounds to me you switch the 230V. power to the light on / off
As I explained here, I advice not to do so with a zigbee light.
But if this is how you want it, I still think my example flow is the way to go.

Ah, now it’s clear how it has been set up.


  • the switch is mains powered, but the light is permanently powered.
  • That switch does not switch the 230V power to the light.
  • The switch sends a zigbee ON command to the zigbee light.

Then this is a way to go:
When you trigger a flow with this lights’ status “is switched ON”
Like IF “this zigbee lights’ status is ON”
THEN You can switch any light you like (which is part of your Homey devices of course).

Also this is possible:
IF “tuya switch button A has been pressed”
THEN turn on light B AND light C

This Tuya switch does both. If there is a status change of the wall switch it changes the status of the relay. The bulb is not a zigbee bulb it can be any bulb. If I send the message switch the light on it switches the relay on and I can send the message to switch the light of the relay switches the relay off. The switch is always powered the bulb not you can not use this in combination with a zigbee bulb because the bulb will be not powered when the relay is open.

I use the flow now to switch on a second lamp which is connected to a second power string