WaitUntil function

I 'm looking for a function like: ‘Wait Until’ a specefic time of day. Ex.: Wait until 02:20 PM.

I cannot find a function/app with this possibilities, but has anybody a useful workaround.


Sounds like an XY problem. What is your goal?

Hi @peav ,
usually you don’t wait until a specific time, but just stop the flow and write another flow that starts When … At 2:20 PM Do something else.
If you do not want this to start every day, but only when before the other flow has ended with a specific state/property/result, you can either do it by activate/deactivate or you use a binary (yes/no) variable RundFlow2.

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The goal was to wait for an action to happing befor a specific time. I would not like to have a notification during the night.
Trigger start - It’s after 10PM - Wait Until 6AM - Action start

  • Flow 1:
    • WHEN trigger occurs
    • AND after 10PM OR before 6AM
    • THEN set variable “X happened” to true
    • ELSE do action
  • Flow 2:
    • WHEN it’s 6AM
    • AND “X happened” is true
    • THEN do action
    • THEN set “X happened” to false
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