[APP][PRO] Date Condition

Hi. I’ve just submitted an app which will expand flow possibilities with more data conditions.

I was encourged by an user to add this app, in addition to another app, with specific date conditions.
I think there are other ways to achieve this, with other apps as well, but tried to keep this user-friendly and quite specific - as not seems to be the case with other schedulers or cron-expressions.

Looking forward to constructive feedback.

Link to app:


Maybe i will give it a try.
First i have to make some room on my HP19 and make a backup.

I don’t see a link to this topic on the app page.
Is that right?

Hi @Mike1233 , you dont see the line: “Link to app: …”

@Kim_Kokholm The link to the app is see, but a link to this topic on the app page i don’t see.
So if someone finds the app by the app page and not by this topic the person don’t know that there is a topic for it.

@Mike1233 ahhh thank you for the heads up.
The latest version have just been approved, with link to this forum. Thank you for clearing this out.

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Hi @Kim_Kokholm

Thanks for a great app - Could you please also have a LAST (weekday) in the month ? so you could say If last sunday in the month.

Hi @Jens.Hummelmose

I will look into it. Just to be clear, you would like a condition saying “last sunday in month” (example: 28/1) or “last friday in month” (ex: 26/1) and NOT “last day in month is friday” - which will only trigger if the last day in month is a friday.

Does it make sense?

Hi @Kim_Kokholm.

Excactly like you describe it - Last “dayname” in month

so I can run specific flows on a specific last day of the month.

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New version is out for test and awaiting approval.


Added support for condition: last given day of month. Enjoy.

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Will test as soon as I’m home - Thanks a mill…

Thanks - It works perfectly

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Version 1.0.4 now live, in app-store.


I installed the app but it does not show up when creating flows. Any suggestions?

@HerbieOza The app page shows only AND cards, no IF.


Thank you Mike!

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