Volet profalux compatible homey


Je possède actuellement des volets de la marque PROFALUX avec télécommande radio utilisant le protocole ZIGBEE. Je voudrais savoir si j’achète la box HOMEY est ce qu’elle pilotera directement les volets ? Que dois je faire pour que les volets soient pris en charge par la box homey ? Merci bcp de votre aide. Fabien

I currently have shutters of the PROFALUX brand with radio remote control using the ZIGBEE protocol. I would like to know if I buy the HOMEY box, will it directly control the shutters? What should I do so that the shutters are supported by the homey box? Thank you very much for your help. Fabien

Hi, welcome on the forum.
A basic zigbee device is only able to turn on or off.
So to use it to need an app on Homey
I couldn’t find it in the Athom app store but maybe it is an rebrand of another shutter controller.
As I see several remotes in the site you need to be more specific or look for a developer to create an Homey app.

Pls look in the welcome post for the link to the device request form for Athom or be more specific and look for a community member to create an app.