Virtual Radar

Is anyone in Australia using this app with succes?

I want so much to get this to work.

Unfortunately I cannot even find a plane overhead via the ICAO number.

Willl keep trying tho. Awesome app.

Did you end up getting it working @Phate ?I was considering a BOM app.

No. Unfortunately.

Sham as I run my own ADSB also.


Love to hear if you do have any luck.

bureau of meteorology

Ahhhh yeah. Thought so. Would be awesome too.

This virtual radar is an Adsb app. It should show you all aircraft above you.

There’s a couple other weather apps. Haven’t spent a lot of time but I’d say one of those will work.

Sorry, I’m an idiot, I must have had to many tabs open.

It’s not working in the Netherlands either.
Looking at the log all I see is a whole lot of “adbsexchange service error: 403”
Seems something is broken in the app :roll_eyes:

(maybe this is the problem ?)

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