Rainradar, Rainalarm (European coverage)

I’m looking how to receive notification that there is a chance of rain in some close time. Actually Rainradar app (Buienradar) is actually exactly what I would like to have. But, I have one issue. I could be wrong but if I look Buienradar web site clouds (rain) are displayed only in some countries. Like service is tracking only some countries not whole Europe. For instance, Italy does not have any clouds. Ok, maybe there were zero rain but yesterday I was comparing rain alarm with Buienradar and whole north Italy was under rain in Rainalarm while Buienradar nothing.

Can someone confirm or discard above observation?

If Buienradar is only for NL, FR, and DE i.e. does someone have any suggestion for service which can warn me for rain for East Italy - Slovenia - Croatia, of course with Homey integration.


Buienradar for sure does not support larger area even though its hard to find this info on the net. Nonetheless, service is only for NL mainly as other areas are “empty”. Have a look at differences between rain-alarm and buienradar lower .