Weather underground

Hi all,

In my timeline I see a lot of Weather underground errors.
“Error while receiving weather forecast … This key is not valid due to exceeding rate plan”

I used this app to close my screen when the sun is out and it’s above X degrees.
And open my screen if it’s about to rain or the wind is above X.

Anybody a solution or a different app that can cover my needs?


Having the same problem, and will look in to this this evening, i’m guessing something is wrong with the api-key that was needed. Can’t find that anywere now.

Weather underground stopped with using free api keys, only paid subscriptions can be used now.

There are a few replacements, just search for “weather” in the app store

First of, thanks for your swift reply!
I did read about the free api stop, couldn’t find how much it is to get a paid one.
Not the best website in my humble opinion.

I did search for other apps, but was not able to track an app that had the IF: It’s starts raining or Wind speed is above X.

Do you now one?

Ik krijg de meldingen nog niet?

deze app lijkt er aardig op:

is it not the V2.0 that causing this faillure?

Yes it is. It was working fine for me on v.1.x. I just upgraded to v2.x and now the app is not working anymore, probably because the API key (if you still have one before they stopped the free API keys) needs to be entered in the settings again. Unfortunately the app is not compatible with firmware 2.x (yet).

@Robin_van_Kekem , are there any plans to update this?

Since I’ve updated Homey to 2.0 I didn’t see anything in my device anymore, but I still had notifications. So it doesn’t seem to be the issue with the API key, but some missing parameters with 2.0 (also there is no settings page anymore).

I have a Alecto ws-5500 which pushed it’s data to weather underground. From there I grabbed it back to Homey through this app. Are there any other solutions to get this function back? At 868Mhz Homey doesn’t seem to support FSK, so that’s also not an option.

So the app is not updated to V2 and Underground free api stops to exist.

I used Underground Weather for the daily precipitation from the past week to decide if my sprinkling system for the garden needed to be activated.

Does anybody have an alternative to find the precipitation of last week or day?