Virtual Device and turning devices on


I have an issue. The problem is when I manually start the Sonos and want to stop it using my Virtual (Sonos) Device it won’t stop the Sonos. Why? Because the virtual device is still turned off, because I didn’t use it to turn the Sonos initially on.

Is there a way to check if the Sonos is running so a flow also starts the Virtual Device?


When u have the Sonos app running there is a card for it. I hear some peeps having trouble with this card not working but others don’t so maybe worth a try?

No it’s not working correctly. I pause the music and somehow the flow thinks it’s still playing, activating the VD and that activating the Sonos again. Creating a loop.

Maybe someone has the perfect solution?

You could try virtual button.

Can you explain the perfect flow(s) with a virtual button? So it always go’s well? I use the Virtually Device to turn on and off my Sonos using Google Home, but I also use the button on my Sonos itself.

Make a virtual button. WHEN button is pushed AND Sonos is playing THEN stop Sonos ELSE play Sonos.

Can I use “Hey Google, turn on Sonos” with this?

U have Sonos in ur Google Home added aye? No need for a virtual button. “Hey Google, play Madonna” should work.

Madonna? Sorry That will not work. Sonos can’t play off key…


Of course, got it to work control the Sonos using a single connection between Google and Sonos :slight_smile: