Increase / Decrease Volume

I have a projector, Sonos play 5 and electric screen in my garage and I’m using a virtual button to allow me to lower the screen and switch off the projector, vice versa also.

This is controlled by a BroadLink universal hub.

On the virtual button setup I can add volume controls and mute but this is where I run into a problem.

I want to create a flow that when I press the increase volume button it tells me Sonos play 5 to increase the volume, the same with decrease and mute.

I cannot find a way to do this as the flow options do not include a

When volume is turned up / turned down

Could anyone help?

Hope you read Dutch

Hi @Peter_de_Vos unfortunately I do not. Could you give you give a brief translation please

When: You pick the trigger card ‘a virtual device is changed’.
And: first you pick the logic card ‘device’ and fill in the name of the virtual device wich you want to use to change the volume with. Second you pick the logic card ‘variable’ (bevat= contains) and fill in volume_down.
Then: you pick the device wich controls your volume. For volume_up and mute you can create similar flows.