Workaround for adjusting Google speaker group volume with a flow?

Hi there, I am still waiting for my Homey Pro to arrive and have been reading a lot about Homey Pro and how it works. Can’t wait to get it and make my home a lot more smart!

In the meantime I would love to hear if anyone has managed to create a workaround for the latest Google update, making it impossible to adjust Google speaker groups’ volume.

Recently, due to Google lost the lawsuit from Sonos, it is not possible to adjust the volume of a speaker group within Google Home anymore. Each speaker in the group need to be adjusted manually in the app. This means, I now have to open all of the 5 speakers in my group to adjust them individually when I just want to turn the volume up/down. Also, it is not possible to adjust the volume of other speakers by using Google Assistant anymore. This also means, creating a routine in Google Home that adjusts each of the speakers in a “flow” does not work anymore. This is really annoying.

Is there a way to create a flow in Homey that can be used as a workaround for adjusting the volume up/down? If not, are there any ways to create a workaround by using Homey?


This is one way to set the volume to a value for all devices at once.
Create a logics numeric variable. This holds the volume (a number from 0.01 to 1)
Set the number to f.i. 0.5 and then run this flow:

But it is quite “unfriendly” in daily use

I prefer this idea:
Create 2 virtual knobs

These knobs then operate these flows:

Of course you can set smaller steps by setting the relative volume to +5% & -5% f.i.

And of course you can use a real knob to trigger the flows, like Ikea buttons


Wow, thank you very much, @Peter_Kawa! I can’t wait to test it out!

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I ran into some issues while using logic to control the volume of my google chromecast.
Could be applicable for other google speakers too.

Solutions are described in the the “a volumebutton for my chromecast”

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