Can I control Chromecast (Including Google Home devices) relative volume through flows?

I tested the Chromecast app for Homey, and it works great with my Google Home(s), but I can only set a volume percentage, not increase/decrease volume.

I’d love the possibility to control the volume relatively (increase/decrease 5%), f.ex. with the Fibaro KeyFob remote, but it doesn’t seem to be a card that does this (yet?).

It’s the only thing I hate with Google devices, when you play music the microphone can’t hear you, and doesn’t let you lower the volume without physically touching the speaker, or using the Google Home app.

Compute a variable with a Logic card or a Better Logic Card. Then you can drag the variable tag to the Chromecast volume setting card and drop it on the slider. It can be a bit tricky. It can only be done in the Homey Desktop app (PC/Mac).
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This is only examples not a working flow.

Aha, so it isn’t possible to get the current volume level from the different Chromecast devices?
I only found the possibility to set a certain percentage with the cards, so your solution seems to be a good one to get full volume control.

It’s in the tag section. As shown above with the “Set volmue” tag.

Ah! Now I get it!
Cool, I must admit I haven’t used the tags much. Definitely see some immediate flow ideas here.

fruitful suggestion

Is it possible to play a sound file from soundboard app over chromecast? I can’t seem to get this working. Soundboard over Sonos, easy. But not over chromecast.
If possible please show a flow demo please.

is this maybe what you are looking for ??