Chromecast Audio: Not possible to control sound volume via flow?

I have an ‘alarm clock’ flow waking me up in the morning with a radio station stream.
I try to make a flow that gradiently increases the volume (see image) but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. The Chromecast Audio dongle seems to stay at the latest volume level that I used.
Could anyone verify this?
It should be possible, right? Since there is a card option that says ‘Set volume to X %’.

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Answering my own question based on tips from the ‘Homey Homies’ group on Facebook - I have probably misunderstood the timer function - all the cards start at the same time, so instead of putting
after 10 sec
after 10 sec
after 10 sec
I should try with
after 10 sec
after 20 sec
after 30 sec