Virtual clock / time

Hi, I’m looking for a virtual clock to set a time to open my roller shutters more
flexible and set a time. Any ideas? There is a virtual temperature but no
time/clock which works in the same way.
Thanks for your ideas.

You could use the built-in alarms?

Why not use the build-in DateTime options?
“Datum & Tijd” in Dutch.

Or you could use alarms. Make a alarm, choose a name, and make a flow when that alarm goes off, THEN…

Hi, I tested alarm, but then homey make some noise when the time is there… I use already time for my flows, but looking for a virtual clock, that can be used by multiple flows. If I use fixed time, I have to edit multiple flows, to change the time.

You can set more then one Alarm (Wekker) an as soon you make a flow that is triggered by that Alarm, the Homey sound is gone and the alarm can start whatever you want:

And when you use HomeyDash, you can easy control them there (On-Off).