Virtual buttons/controllers possible?

Hi! Referring to this older thread I was wondering if it would be possible to have virtual buttons, especially with the new Homey V2.0 app?

F.ex. a button which adjusts a variable within a scope, click it and click up/down to set a value.

This way I can use Trådfri (or any similar) smart outlet to control my wall heaters, while a thermometer (Aqara in my case) senses the temperature. A flow in Homey can control when to turn on/off the heat, but I’d like a simple way to change what temperature I want in the room(s).

So I’d like to have a virtual button which can be set between f.ex. 5 and 30 (celcius) and the flow would use this variable to set wanted temperature in that room.

My plan is to expand it to a MQTT enabled touch panel (Nextion) which will alter the same value, and preferably the virtual button as well.

That way I can use my phone, or a wall mounted device to monitor/control the temperature.

well, you did look but not good enough I guess :slight_smile:

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Thanks, but not quite what I’m after. You can already add virtual buttons from Homey V2.0 (experimental) but not a virtual selector.

I’d like the device to say f.ex “20” on it in the App, and if you long-click, you’ll be able to click up/down to set it to f.ex 22, which will then be the new value for the wall heater flow.

Even better, setting a max/min range, f.ex 5-35C

Oh, wait. I apologize!
I did check out that before, but thought there was only three different modes from the “devices” viewed in the app.
Installed and tested now, and “thermostat” does indeed offer what I want.

Need to read up on it a bit though, not sure what “heat, cool, automatic, off” does, but is probably for AC control, not intended for my usage.

Created a thermostat with a virtual thermometer, but I cannot figure out how to get the thermostats “current temperature” to update?

My flow is “When aqara temperature has changed then set the virtual sensor thermostat temperature to aqara temperature.”

Something like that. To avoid confusion I did not use the “local tags”.

That’s what the local tags are for :slight_smile:

Yup. I just wasn’t sure if the local tag was referring to the Aqara sensor in “When” or the virtual sensor in “Then”.

Re-did my flows so it uses sensor “temperature” on thermostat, and value “temperature” from local tag, which seems to be the Aqara.

Unfortunately it still doesn’t show the “current temperature” on the thermostat.

Could you test? The flow works, my wall heater started up when I held my hand on the Aqara (which seems to only push messages to Homey when there are changes, not on time interval).

I just can’t figure out how to get the current temperature.
It wasn’t something I thought of to begin with, but this feature would make it even more useful!

Did you get this to work?
I have the same issue