Hi all,

In Home-Assistant i had those multi-switch switches which had multiple states. I could for example set them to “On”, “Off” or “Manual”. Ideal for lights or climate when you want to override automation.
Is there something in Homey that can also do that? I would love to integrate that!


there is a app (Virtual Devices), where you can add a virtual device to Homey.
You can select several device types (switch, thermostat, light, home alarm, sensor…). Depending on the type the device has special attributes. For Thermostat you have one attribute with the values: automatic/heating/cooling/off. You can change this attribute in Homey and you can start flows on attribute changes to interact with “real” devices.
In addition you can add a virtual device “Multi mode”. There you can add your own mode settings.
Does it fit your requirements?

Thanks for your reply! I tried the Virtual Multi switch device, I can add it but there is no way to change the state in the Homey app, as it only shows on and off?

Long press on the device (like for all other devices with more than on/off capabilities).

Then it only shows the state of the switch

Have you add your modes to the multi mode device?

  • add multimode device
  • give it a name
  • select a icon for the device
  • add a mode (button in top left corner)
  • insert name and select icon for the mode
  • add second mode…
  • continue with next button bottom right

The the device is showing this:

But I did not work with this device type.
I only used the normal virtual device and selected a type depending on what I will control (thermostat, switch…)

I thinkt you have to play a bit with this device and try how to add your logic (with Flows).
Good luck :slight_smile: