On/ Off button flow

Today I swapped my Vera Plus to a Homey, but already run into great disappointments.
I have 3 heaters (radiators) in my office, but yet no universal thermostat to manage all 3 together. So, for my Vera I made an “Turn on/ Turn off” button, through which I switched all 3 heaters to 23c or (when off), 4c.
But with the Homey Flows, I have no option to create a function/ button. Only triggers based on other equipment. So question is:

Can I A: Create a virtual device so I can set degree celsius from ONE interface managing all 3 radiators?
Can I B: Create an on/off function for controlling multiple devices?

My impression was that Homey offered a far greater flexibility. But so far I have only run into limitations…

Thanks for your help,


PS, I could also make a flow for my daughters going like “Turn all light on in hallway and room” when I press X button.

Have you checked out the <group> app?

2 “limitations” that are actually not limitations but a lack of patience.
Even ur PS part is possible.


point? how?

The answer to ur next question will be:
Go add a device, pick Homey as brand and pick the virtual switch. (Virtual devices needs to be on in settings/experiments)
OR, download the virtual devices app from the Homey App-Store.

And in English:

Don’t give up or let your hopes go. Espescially after just one day.
Almost anything is possible using homey.
You just need to get familiar with the loads of apps that are available.
(Search the forum, or ask, like you did)

Yes you can (as Roco showed)

It is, just give it some time (it will take more than day)

You sure can! (You can also ask google or alexa to do it)


So far there is almost nothing I wasnt able to manage with Homey. As stated above, just explore apps and forum and you will realize that Homey is one of the most flexible systems on the market. Yes, it has some specific issues, but nothing serious compared to other systems I have experience with.

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