Turn on or off single device

Hi all!

Do you know how can I have a flow to turn on or off just one of my living room heaters or sockets?
Do I need to divide a zone in sub-zones?
Only “turn on all…” Is available in THEN options.
I’m not a PRO user so no access to community apps…
I’m a premium user with a Homey Bridge, and most of my devices are imported from HA integration app in Homey.



I am not a bridge user.
How about not using a zone, just use a flow card to turn on/off the device itself?

Basically it works the same way. I also have access to advance flows. The problem is that if I create a simple flow and start i.e. with the THEN the heaters or anything else don’t appear. Only the lights. Or turn ON or OFF all…

What happens if you click on Concrete lamp (arrow to the right)?

This happens:

You can’t start a flow with a THEN, it should be a IF

Are the heaters included into Homey?
As far as I know there is no app for home assistant for Homey (cloud) only for Homey Pro.
And you don’t give any information what kind of heaters they are.

If not then it will be impossible to turn them on, even with “turn on all devices in *** zone”.

Or are they in a different zone then you are currently looking in.


The heaters are connected to smart plugs:

And they are integrated through HA app:

Do you thinks that is the reason? Should I connect he smart plugs through Homey instead? The problem is that the ones I connected to 5 heaters, are Meross with power measuring. And as a non pro user, there is no official app. That’s why I have almost everything connected through home assistant

Do they have an on off capability at all in Homey?
So a button with a standby icon when you open up the device (long press the device), I think your lights will have the same standby icon button so you have an example.
Might be that the Athom implementation just isn’t supporting everything, or there is a bug in the app.
If there is no button, but they should be able to be turned on/off, then you need to contact Athom support.


thanks @Caseda , I agree, dont understand why i have no ON OFF capabilities in any plug (TP-link, Ikea or Meross) when creating flows. I do have it for manual ON/OFF in all of them

Sounds like

to me as well, @Bernardo_Durao

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It can also be a limitation of non homey pro user flows… anyway I sent a ticket to Homey Support