Vacation modes

What is the preferred method for setting a “mode” like
Home, vacation, away, etc
I looked into Virtual Devices but as of V2 the icons for the multi mode does not show up and I cant switch modes under devices. Sure flows work fine changing it but it would be nice to see what mode is set on the dashboard/start screen.

Open the app -> Click on your name from there you can sleect At Home / Awake.

That only has 2 modes and I need more though. I tried the custom virtual device app but their multimode does only have 1 image which does not change depending on selected mode.

Also tried their the single mode for each state. I find it to be really buggy(I press vacation and turn off all other modes, works graphically ones but on next change the GUI does not update, the underlying mode does however)

I’m also searching how to implement some custom mode in homey.
And how to enable or disable specific device alarms ?
Need to use Virtual Device ? Can’t figure it out how to build it.
Thanks for your help

You’re not giving too much information or let’s say, actually you’re not really telling what you want to achieve and which problem you need to solve, which specific devices you have etc.
Please be more specific for anyone to be able to help you.

Sorry for that.
I’ve just installed my new homey and attached some move sensors from Fibaro.
Previously I had a Vera box and the possibility to switch manually from “Home” mode to “Away” mode. Home mode unarm my sensors and Away mode arm the sensors to tell me if there’s a movement inside the house.
Maybe I can achieve this with the flows to arm/unarm my sensors ?
Thanks for your help

In that case you could look at the Heimdall app. It can be set up as an alarm system for Homey using window/door and motion sensors as triggers.
You can find much more information about Heimdall at this community page.

You can use Homey’s presence system if you like to even automatically arm/disarm (but you need te test whether or not presence works good enough in your case to automate this).