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Homey freezes on double presence status

Ive made two flows, one for sleepmode and one for awake. Sleepmode turns off the lights etc.
Both modes also set a user status like sleeping or awake.
By using a KAKU switch you can switch between these modes.
But when Ive pressed the awakeswitch and the flow is started and by accident I would press it again, then all devices stop working and Homey is completely frozen.
At that point I can only reset Homey to get things working again.

I have multiple questions:
Should I make a flow that checks if someone is already sleeping and when the sleepmode is activated it should return a beep and do nothing instead? I couldn’t get this to work because of the limited options while combining these two in the flow editor.

Homey 2.0 has built in modes from what Ive seen in the latest blog. Maybee from there on this isnt’t even an issue anymore since double modes can’t occur anymore?

Have you tried to do it with one flow?
Use the switch as the trigger, put the awake status in the And column then put awake actions in the Then plus the sleep in the Else. The last thing of the Then and Else sections toggle the Sleep status.

could you provide us with screenshots of your flows?

Hi Adrian, thx. Ill give that a try.
I never really used (or noticed) the “else” option.
Now I get it why things get quickly more complicated without using it. For every other situation Ive created a new flow.
At he moment Im using 8 flows to get this sort of working. I might need to simplify things :grin: