Ventilation system Nilan Combi 302 Polar w/gateway module

I am trying to find a solution to control my new Nilan Combi 302 Polar ventilation system. I have just purchased Homey Pro 2023, and hope to find someway to integrate the Nilan (which also has AC function). My Nilan has the Gateway LAN module built in.
I have taked to a guy who has made a ESP modbus module for it, but he only supports Home Assistant, as it has an open source interface. Is there anyway that this talented guy can get access to programming it up against Homey Pro ?

Scenario/Scene example that would be desired:
Window switch is activated → Nilan should go from Cooling Air to Bypass Air

Let me hear - I am eager to get it sorted.

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This might work also with your device

Basicly with D1 mini you make the Nilan2MQTT device. Get the mqtt broker running on Homey or elsewhere and get the info to Homey.

I have the exact same problem/request. I have bought the MODBUS MODULE FOR ESPHOME (Modbus module for ESPHome ( but since Im no genius in programming I am really struggeling to connect til the dongle. If anybody could help and assist???

PS Im also the owner of a Nilan Combi 302 polar but without gateway module.

hi there, any step by step instruction?? Mqtt broker Homey app is enought?

Hi. Any updates on this matter?

I’ve just published an app for my device. I have a Nilan Compact P - Air9.
I’ve been struggling with different versions and documentation and very pleased with the result so far.
Maybe I can provide some input.

You should be able to do it via HA app