Flexit home ventilation system

Flexit home ventilation system (my is type CL4) and may conneted to Flexit cloud, and can be controlled by the Flexit Go app. I would like to control it by Homey app.
I addition to Ethernet connection to the local Lan, the ventilation can med controlled my ModBus.

I’m not a Developer, but ask if others has same wishes and if there are developers out there who can help. Thanks.


It’s alway good to read the Welcome to the forum! thread.
Because in this thread it’s explained where to ask for a new app:


Hi Rois. Did you find out any solution for this? I also have the CL4. Whilst SystemAir(formerly villavent) is covered, sadly I can’t figure out how to integrate with flexit. As you said, app controlled cloud access and also modbus option.

Let me know if you got any further with it.