Variable/tags - Organize after room

I find it hard to find the tag I’m after with many rooms and similar sensors. It’s better for a lot of the views now, but not tags. I don’t want to name them “Bedroom 1 Temperature” etc, just “Temperature” and put it in the correct room.

Under tags they are all listed together, making it hard or impossible to find the tag I want.

This is the only screen where it’s easy : there’s a search field at the bottom :slight_smile:
and what @seiko says :arrow_down:

i think it will not help if you give all your devices the same name…i see all the same names TEMPERATUR

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That’s kinda my point, I want to be able to give them the same names, they’re in different rooms and categorized after that.
But in the Tag view I cannot categorize after rooms - which would make sense IMHO.

It’s cleaner to have short and simple names for each room (WAF…) but hard to find the right tag.

I’ve edited now, but I don’t see the point in categorizing after rooms if I have to name all the sensors after the room as well… It’s messy.

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Insights list show them after room;

But the graphs after selecting doesn’t;

Of course I could rename the sensors, but IMHO it does make sense to have the same names across multiple rooms, the app/dashboard is much cleaner that way.