Cosmetic, but still needed, feature request when showing variables for logic

When working with logic, it is sometimes hard to see what value belongs to what device.
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You might say, rename the device to ceiling lights living room, but then, when i look under devices in the living room, i have devices with the name “ceiling lights living room”. It seems redundant and not so beautiful. Also clashes when used in Siri. Like: He Siri, turn of ceiling lights living room in the living room.

Finally the request. Put the room name in the listing when showing all the logic/variables.


For my devices, I actually added the associated room names, but in short form:
Ceiling Light Kitchen → Ceiling Light K

In Apple Home I rename alls these devices from e.g. Ceiling Light K to Ceiling Light and oc move these devices to the right room. Then all you need to say is this: “Hey Siri, turn off ceiling light in the kitchen”.

That would be a work-around. It has some drawbacks:

  • Names in HomeKit are not the same as in the Homey. I always assume i have to do stuff again. And not having workarounds makes that a lot easier.
  • It feels redundant. You can add the name of the room in a short version to the device, but it seems otherwise unnecessary

With my examples I only wanted to show that there are actually other ways to indicate the location of a device without having to add the entire name of the room, as you have done or at least described. And there is also a solution for Apple Home / Siri.

But as you may have seen, I agreed to your request with a :heart:. That means that I fully agree with your feature request and would also like to have this feature very much.

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In the same category:
I have spotjes (spotjes is a dutch word for ceiling lights).
I have them in my kitchen and livingroom.

How can i see where they are?

I would hate it to call them spotjes woonkamer. It is possible, but woonkamer is a known fact.