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How to name devices for speech with lots of rooms?

I’m new to home automation and wonder what is the best way to name the devices. I have 27 devices and a house with lots of rooms. I also want to use Alexa/Siri/Google.

When having lots of devices like plugs and light bulbs in different rooms, what are you experienced guys out there using as device names to make the speech as easy as possible - at the same time making sure which light bulb or wich plug of the many ones you have that you are refering to?

Can I use parantesis behind the device name to make it easier for myself to have control of the various devices? For instance, calling a plug: “Ceiling lights (Everspring AD147 dimmer plug - Bedroom)”?

Or is there any other way to make a description behind a device name that is ignored by Alexa etc.?

Good question, ive been struggeling with this myself.

parantesis wont work with alexa. What works, but requiers some work is to make a flow per device with the when card beeing “when someones says…”
fill in youre user frendly name of the device. In the then collum add a card with turn on or off the device

You can however use emoticons in your names, they get ignored.

You also can create ‘groups’ with in the alexa app, so generally I use full names with in Homey, and then add them as a group with in alexa for easy speech.

This gives a nice separation of voice from logic.

eg. You can create a group with one item in it, call the group “My special light” and you can then control that one device with the name “My Special light”.

Generally I also will where possible use the devices directly through the Alexa app rather then going through homey. Then disable the homey version of the device. I generally find it to be a bit faster response time. Don’t delete the device though - or it just get re-added.

Thoguh I am very very interested in how others have done it, i’m not convinced my way is the best.