Anyway to change the hubs wake word?


I have had a homey hub for a few years. But it’s mostly been in it’s box.

I just hate the wake word “Homey” sounds like a US gangsta name\band.

I would love to change the wake name to “Aurora”
To me this sounds way better. Any way of doing it?


Short answer: no.
Long answer: also no.


Integrate it with Google Home or Alexa. Then you don’t have to say “Okay Homey” anymore…

I never knew that.

When I first had the hub, I had to say Homey tell “insert name” to do this or that.

I will search on how to Integrate with google and alexa.

Maybe you have a link?

Thank you.

go to Alexa app, select the Homey skill, insert your account user/pw. Then the devices (plugs,switches,lights) will appear in Alexa. There you can perhaps rename them.

Thanks for the links.
But it says this.

" *Alexa, ask Homey to turn off all devices upstairs”

I was hoping not say honey at all.
Still reading your links.
Thank you again.

That’s old, you don’t have to (and have not had to for years) say homey.

Alexa will directly turn off lights and switches, virtual devices (which can link to flows) or groups.

“Alexa dim the kitchen light”
“Alexa turn on the bathroom fan”

Don’t mesh with this pure Dutch design name, lots of Dutch members on this forum :rofl:

Thanks for the info

What the hell does Homey mean in Dutch?

Peace terence-peace, watch the smily behind the line, (don’t worry, Homey is not a Dutch word).
And, said so, " the hell " is not needed in your sentence i.m.h.o.