Alexa ertoe message

Alexa used to work well with homey, but the last week I’m getting strange responses like “het spijt me maar ik begrijp niet…” (spoken by Alexa :joy:) when I ask to turn off for example all living room lights (these are lights that are assigned to the living room in the Alexa app). When I use the switch all off button in the Alexa app, it all works. So it seems it only happens with voice control for a group of devices.

When switching on/off individual lights there’s no issue.

Anyone having the same experience? Don’t know how to pinpoint this issue.

Does this mean your Alexa is speaking Dutch now??

Mine up until today only speaks English and German… Maybe she missed some classes? :slight_smile:

Anyway, I don’t have issues with her not understanding my command, however, execution of the command is a different story. See the “unstable lights” thread, about half of my commands are not executed by Homey… And if they are, flows regularly “skip” devices. :frowning:

Haha, it’s a Dutch sentence from homey spoken by an English device, and it sounds…well funny :smile:

I’ve had the same issue a few days back.
A Dutch sentence spoken by Alexa.

It’s al working now and I can’t remember how I fixed it. (may have fixed itself as it did not take to much effort).

@Captaingreenfield thans, i hope iT fixes itself