Turn specific lamp on/off, turns all lights on/off

When I say to Google Home ‘Ok Google, zeg tegen homey ‘doe de tv-lamp’ aan’, it turns on the specific lamp but also all other lights connected to Homey. It is a combination of KaKu, Z-wave, Zigbee devices.
When I say the opposite of ‘doe de tv-lamp uit’ it turns all lights off.
I’m running version 2.0.0 (with recent app updates), also tried a PtP but the result stays the same.

Same here…

I don’t have a google but with Alexa you can look up and see what alexa ‘heard’. Are you able to look up what Google heard?

I also have previously had issues with the voice control getting similar words mixed up plurals can be a plain.

“Turn off the lounge light” - Central ceiling light.
“Turn off the lounge lights” - Turns off all all the lights in the lounge zone.
“Turn off the lounge” - turns off all devices with in the lounge, tv, diffuser, lights etc.