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1 apparaat uitsluiten "zet alle apparaten uit"


I like to know if there is a option to remove 1 device for the option turn off all devices in a flow.


First a free hint, you can edit your own post that way you dont need to make another post when you dit something wrong.

Second, nope (zet alle apperaten uit) says enough.

Just wondering, if one specifick device isnt alloud to turn off…why is then needed to ccontrolled by homey?? or is there any reasson you want to do this

Maybe you can do something with this card


i control the gallery lighting of the complete apartment complex :wink:
so this device needs to run on its self.

Why is it controlled by Homey in the first place.
Well after 4 new light dark switches braking we where looking for a new option :slight_smile:

Stopcontact extra maken, dus wel op de elektragroep van de verlichting, maar niet op de geschakelde verlichtingdraad.
Make an outlet extra, so on the electrical group of the lighting, but not on the switched lighting wire.
If I understand your problem correctly…