Vanmoof Electrified


I am planning to develop an app for Vanmoof electrified bikes (ES1, S2, S3)
The plan is to poll the bike every x minutes to get the battery level, etc.

Does anybody here has a S2 or S3 bike?
I only have the ES1, so if somebody likes to help testing, you’re welcome.


I have a SmartBike, so no electrified.
Are you planning on connecting via the VanMoof account? Would be great if SmartBikes can be implemented too then…
What functionality are you hoping to integrate?

I have a Vanmoof S3, I would be willing to help you. My wife has a Vanmoof X3. Maybe that would be interesting for you.

Thanks. It will some time because never developped a Bluetooth app, and I like to use the new BLE options in v6.

For the smartbike, I will try to get it in, but I don’t see many use cases to connect it.

For the electrified, I think you can make flows with charging on solar power only or getting battery percentage.
And for S2 and S3, I think you can also make flows with the built in speaker

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No problem, just keep me posted when you need something.
Take your time.

I would be interested as well to test, own a S3.

Not sure if available, but if there is any documentation available on the new Moofer app?
Functionally in that app might be interesting for a homey app as well.

I asked the dev of the Moofer app, but he would like to keep the code private.

I have to see what I can so with the new ble functions

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I have a S3 let me know if you need some testing.

I’m interested! I have ordered yesterday my bike (s3) please let me know if I can help with the development of the app

Happy to help with my S3
Moofer to IFTTT to homey seems not to work for me.

I did some investigation, but as I can see it, it is not possible to make a ‘secure’ bluetooth connection with homey.
This is required to connect to a Vanmoof bike, so for the moment the project is on hold


Did you look at the IFTTT connection from out of the moofer app?
Maybe this is also a way to go direct to the homey api.


The moofer app doesnt work with my es1, so I can’t test that.

Anyway, I don’t like iftt, and it is too complicated this way.

I wanted to poll my bike at some intervalls to get battery status and km, that’s all.

You could ask the moofer dev to upload some data with a webhook or mqtt

Its not a direct connection to the vanmoof.
But here a trick to prevent your vanmoof charching to 100% (extending the battery life)

I know its not a Moof, but I got my Cowboy 3 today :partying_face:

Working on a Homey app right now, and making good progress. I’m just not sure if I get locked out when polling the server/bike too often. Will find out tonight :pray:

Any progress on an app for Vanmoof?

So with all the fuzz going on, I tried to make an app for Vanmoof

It is based on the work of Stuart and the Vanlib library on github
this a WIP for the S3


I converted it to Electrified S (This bike has a different communication protocol then S3)

If somebody is interested, I can upload it to Github or to the Homey store, but I will not support S3 or S2, because I don’t have one. My programming skills are limited and I can only test something with a physical device

I would be very interested!
I have a SmartBike though and would be happy to help your where ever I can to help you implement this bike too.

Yes that should be possible.
The smart bike has a slightly different protocol.

For the moment I only read from the bike, writing makes not so much sense as you can’t take homey with you on the bike :slight_smile:

At the moment working:

  • battery level
  • module battery level
  • error codes
  • distance km
  • units
  • power level
  • presence

Do you need help adding the SmartBike then? Please let me know what I can do,

How does the app interact; with the bike or the VanMoof account? So, does the bike itself need to be able to reach Homey by bluetooth?