Using off state hue light in AND section


Got Homey last week and creating some basic flows. The problem I’m facing is that i can’t seem to use the off state of a hue light in the and section and I was wondering if it is possible to fix this.

x change
and x is true
and hue-light is off
turn hue-light on


Hi and welcome @FloS

Thats not a lot of info your sharring with us…….

Gonna be a big gamble right now….

So ……let start with sharing more info like wich hue app, wich version, screenshots of the flow, what is X

What you mean with hue lamp is off, is it off but stil on power? or its off power
ect ect

Right now its a bit like bringing your car to garage, and when they ask whats the problem, your saying its doesnt work :rofl:

Tryed this > Can use the State of a Hue-Bulb (Hue-Bulb with Hue-Bridge on Homey) in the AND-Column. Could you post a Screenshot your Flow here?

Hi Roy,

Sorry about that! I’m using the Philips Hue ZigBee | v1.4.5 - 28.04.19 app.

So with the power of I mean that the hue light is in the off state so there is still power on the lightbulb itself.

The flow that I’m trying to create is that if my pc is turned on (better logic variable set to true) the light in a room should also turn on if not already on.

Like this:

When I look for the office light, in this case, I can only select the on the state. So in the flow above ‘is on’ should be ‘is off’ Might be missing something here :sweat_smile:

If i am Right: Is ann = Is On, Zet aan = Switch On.

If this is the case the Flow couldn’t work. You are lokking in AND if the Hue-Light is On and in WHEN the Hue-Light should be turned on.

On the Card of the Hue-Light should be an Option “Invert” > Is this given on your Hue-Light? This should be turned on > In AND the Hue-Light becomes “Is not On”. Then it should work.

tap on this card wich you get in the and section.

then you get this … (its in dutch for me as iam dutch, but you understand when seeing it) edit looking at the name iam sure your understand :rofl:


Perfect! Totally missed that option on the card!:sweat_smile:

Thanks for the help!

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