Using a variable in a "Date and Time" flow

I have a variable called “TVProgramStartTime”, which holds the time a TV show starts (in a string format hh:mm)

I would like to use that variable to start a flow (to turn on my TV), but when I use the “Date & Time”, I can only select a time manually.


How can I use my variable for the time?

As far as i know this not possible. Variables with time do not work

If you want easy changeable start time I suggest to try Alarm. An alarm that starts a flow is silent.


Using an Alarm sounds great, but how do I edit an existing Alarm so it will use my “TVProgramStartTime” variable?

Looking at the Alarm options, I can only “Enable” or “Disable” alarms, but I can’t find anything to set an alarm to my variable.

Found the solution in this post:

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