User control lists

I have a Homey Pro (early 2019) and have many devices (and virtual devices), flows setup on it. Is it possible to give access to a family member (or guest) to only a limited group of devices and flows.
I know there is the concept of ‘family sharing’ with members and guests but in this concept each member or guest i allow access to the Homey will be able to controll all devices and run all flows on the Homey.

I want to prevent people to inadvertently turn off my server or turn on the 3d printer (controlled by a smart plug for my convenience), mess with the ventilation relays (ventilation is handled by automatic flows in Homey based on time of day and humidity in the bathroom). I still want them to be able to turn on and off the lights in their room/livingroom etc.

One thing i can think of is to create a free Homey cloud account (specific for a restricted user) and push (my Homey sensor data) and pull (virtual device data like switches) from it from my homey. would this work?

I am already pushing data from server scripts to my Homey and my Homey is also pulling data from IOT devices (via web urls used in flows) iI’m just not sure if this would be possible to and from a Homey cloud account.

If that is not pussible then what other sollution would there be? Can I create a feature request (for access control per user base for devices and flows) somethere and what would be the odds of getting a response?

Always request @ Athom. They say the more requests the higher the chance.
It’s odd indeed there’s so little managable about concerning rights and roles.

Yes you can use Homey cloud, by using webhooks. It works both ways.

Other idea, imho easier, leeeeeeess work, and easy managable:
create a guest account, login with it, add fav devices (and flows), login with that account to and send the URL to the user.
Now Homey can be controlled by a browser.
You can add the page to the phone’s desktop like it’s an app.
(It doesn’t show advanced flows yet afaik, you can workaround it by adding a virtual button to start a flow, and then make it a fav device)