Use state of Fibaro Roller Shutter

Hi, I want to use a virtual switch with a Fibaro Roller Shutter 2. So when the rollo is up, it should be off and if it is down, then on. But it seems that the flow is not working, because the status up/down of the shutter in the IF card, does not change anything, regardless the state. Can someone check or confirm this?


Maybe can share your flows?

Here you go …

And what you make a flow something like…

WHEN “the state changed”
AND “is down”

I made some checks and noticed, that the “State” (Value: uP/idle/ down) from the shutter is only chnaging, when I use the “App” to control it. When I use the switch in the wall, the state of the shutter doese NOT change. Threfore it must be a bug I think, because the dim Level is always shown correct and is changing also when I use the switch in the wall.

If you think you found a bug please report it to athom.

Sorry, the support page is in Dutch!!!
Can someone enter this or send this to Athom?

BTW: How can I use the Tags in Flows with the new App? I would use the Dim State instead, but I’m not able to insert the Dim State in a Flow Card as a Starting point. Any ideas here?

Someone made a nice post about using tags in a flow.

You can just choose your language at the bottom of every support page if you are accidentally on the wrong language.

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Buy ey "iam not a lazy person :wink: " so here you go …….

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Thanks a lot, I have posted the requerst now :slight_smile:

Another way to UPDATE the virtual device state is to use 2 flows to detect the dim level of your roller shutter(s).

Flow 1: the power (of the fibaro roller shutter) has change, and power is less than 1, then start flow 2

Flow 2: this flow is started, and “mathjs is true” (better logic card), virtual device on or off

Here’s what I use to detect all 3 roller shutters are close using tags.

Is this working better now?
Or is it an simpler solution to see the state of an roller shutter 3? (i have never tested virtual switch yet)