Fibaro Roller Shutter v1 - Dim level not correct and missing history

Hello all!
I’m brand new to Homey, migrating from Zipato all my home automation with more than 50 devices, and after initial setup that went exceptionally smooth now I’m struggling with some minor issue with Fibaro Roller Shutter v1 that maybe others have already faced.

  1. Dim level shown in the app does not reflect actual shutter level in case the shutter have operated with it’s exrernal button or by homey action “set state”.
  2. If I try to fully open a shutter changing it’s level to 100% it doesn’t work (both manually and from flows) but 99% works: is this a known bug?
  3. For all shutters it’s missing the “history” tab in mobile app that shown when the device has been operated and by whom (app / flow / …)

Can anyone advise?

Thanks a lot!


the Homey application for the “roller shuter” (1-3) is very crap, Athom’s answer is always the same, we will take care of it soon !!! :rofl: