IF the Fibaro Roller Shutter is closed THEN ...?

Hi everybody,

I have Fibaro FGWREU-111 Walli Roller Shutters.

They work fine but I would like to set a flow like “when I close a specific shutter (by pressing the switch) then close all shutters”. Homey knows the shutter position (see screenshot below) but I don’t see how to get the position via the flow to trigger the condition “if the shutter is closed”

Does somebody know a solution to do this?

Thanks everyone !

Hi Hervé,

you need to use logic cards like is exact or is is greater than.
0 = fully open
1 = fully closed
0.5 = half open/half closed etc.

Just a simple sample:

Markise K = Fibaro Walli Roller Shutter
Rollo Fenster… = Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 (but with the Walli Roller Shutter it will be the same)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Oups it’s really easy, but I did not think about looking at the logic cards !