Get value from all the roller/shutters


I want was working on a rule for my roller/shutters. When the wind is above 50 km/h then they will go up.
This is my flow:

but now it’s triggered continue when the wind is above 50 km/s. How can I check the state of the roller/shutters, that if they are up the flow stops.

Use extra cards in the “and” status is not"

Also could do

When. Wind has changed
And. Wind is higher then 50
Then. Set roller to… omhoog
Disable flow 1
Enable flow 2

When. Wind has changed.
And. Wind is lower then 50
Then. Enable flow 1
Disable flow 2

Thanks for your reply. But I have 5 roller/shutters to check. So If one of them is down then go futher with the flow otherwise stop

At the if part you can make three triggers. Just oull the trigger and you get a extra if trigger. If that is not enough you have to make more flows. Also you could make zones ofcourse or use devices. For example; devices sunscreen, if logic is livingroom etcetc

Ah thats another question :grinning: Then indeed several option possible. but as stated :arrow_up::arrow_up: you wont get it to work with 1 flow.

I tried today but not getting it. What I want is: if one of the rollers is down then go further. Otherwise stop. How can I check the states of the 5 rollers?

And: roller 1 is down
Or : roller 2 is down
Or : roller 3 is down

Then : go further (what ever you want)

Second flow the same for roller 4 5 6

thanks for that. But I will have three flows, because I have another trigger:

I came from openhab and in openhab I can create a group. And if one of the device is on or off I can use that in a rule:

 rule "Away from home"
	Member of gAlarm changed to ON
	if (gPresence.state==OFF) {
	val AlarmTrigger = transform("MAP", "",
	val actions = getActions("telegram","telegram:telegramBot:348594e1")
	actions.sendTelegram("OpenhabMsgBot", "De sensor "+AlarmTrigger.toString+" meld beweging")
    logInfo("Away from home", "Jeroen The item  " + + " received command " + triggeringItem.state)

Group item:
Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) gPresence "gPresence" <icon_presence>

How can I do this in Homey?

Use the Math.js card of Better logic and select the tags of the roller shutter’s position (dim level). I’m doing this for my 3 roller shutters too…

This check if any are open…

and this if all are close (less than 25% opened).

I prefer to set the roller shutters position by % open as I found the state reporting from the fibaro app inaccurate… somethings UP state is not