How to check triggered outputs?

I have added 12 shutters (via myIO), organised those into separated flows based on the rooms and wanted to manage all those from a parent flow. When I start the parent, it trigger a random number of shutters (different ones in every single cases), like 3-4-5-6 but not the all…

I checked the myIO logs and it seems that it does not receive the commands for the not triggered shutters…

Is there a limit for the triggers?

Homey has had a long-standing issue (years) with running multiple action cards at the same time. The only solution is to introduce delays between the cards.

Thanks Robert! Seconds are enough? (I hope so :)) Is it needed between all triggers? Or it can handle things in very small (2-3 items) batches?

If they are the same devies, you van use the Device Capabilities app for this.

The first version back in the day was build for this:
It has multiple Zet [devices] in a zone.
It will make sure that devices are set as fast as possible, synchronised (serial) and it will handle it way faster than delays.

I have been using this for years now for my curtains, and it always works perfectly (9 zwave curtains are always closed “at the same time”).


Is there a guide (in English) how can I add a shutter in this?

Well, i don’t know what options there are for it.
Could you run this script (change Light 1 to your Shutter device naam) in HomeyScript and post the result?

let result = _.find(await Homey.devices.getDevices(), d=>'Light 1');
return result;


  "__athom_api_type": "HomeyAPI.ManagerDevices.Device",
  "id": "562bf110-32b1-44b6-99fe-3b02d5e38c29",
  "name": "Háló 1 redőny ",
  "driverUri": "homey:app:com.myioserver.integration",
  "driverId": "myio_cover",
  "zone": "a02ba23f-0dee-4f7c-a60a-ac340b59b83f",
  "zoneName": "Bedroom",
  "iconObj": {
    "id": "de1bc2f979d7344d06545f48fa5ebff8",
    "url": "/icon/de1bc2f979d7344d06545f48fa5ebff8/icon.svg"
  "settings": {},
  "settingsObj": false,
  "class": "blinds",
  "energyObj": {
    "W": null,
    "batteries": null,
    "cumulative": null,
    "generator": null
  "capabilities": [
  "capabilitiesObj": {
    "windowcoverings_state": {
      "value": "idle",
      "lastUpdated": "2023-02-21T06:59:15.003Z",
      "type": "enum",
      "getable": true,
      "setable": true,
      "title": "Window coverings state",
      "desc": null,
      "units": null,
      "values": [
          "id": "up",
          "title": "Up"
          "id": "idle",
          "title": "Idle"
          "id": "down",
          "title": "Down"
      "id": "windowcoverings_state",
      "options": {}
  "flags": [],
  "ui": {
    "components": [
        "id": "ternary",
        "capabilities": [
    "componentsStartAt": 0
  "ready": true,
  "available": true,
  "repair": false,
  "unpair": false,
  "unavailableMessage": null,
  "images": [],
  "insights": [],
  "color": "#0096D6",
  "data": {
    "id": "cover_2019_2020"

You need this card (the middle one with percentage in it):


Use the Percentage card, set class to windowcoverings, capability to windowcoverings_set and zet the correct value, there rooms etc.

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I tried to add it, but I am not able to pick any Deviceclass:

Tried with windowcoverings and blinds as well, maybe it does not see my specific device?

The list didn’t appear here as well, until I entered a whitespace followed by a backspace. It takes a while for the list to appear.
Screenshot from 2023-02-22 01-53-04

I waited for 60 seconds, nothing happened.

OK, did you already empty cache and reload the page? Chrome: right-click the reload icon
Firefox: ctrl+shift+r

I tried this card on mobile editor, all values are there, but, I can’t save it:

Tried it with Safari, Chrome and Firefox, in incognito and normal modes and with the Homey app on iPhone, still don’t see any class…

Sometimes installing the app again (without removing it!) solves these kind of issues.

Nothing changed, any other similar app?

It is also possible using the < group > app.
You then have to add a < group > device, which controls all grouped devices ‘inside’ of it.
It has a setting for delay in ms, so you can ‘tune’ it to use the shortest delay needed.

Say, when you set a 100ms delay, then all the devices in the group will be triggered one after one, with a 100ms delay in between.

In a flow, you then just control the < group > device instead of the shutters individually

This issue is resolved in the currnt live version from today.

I tried it with the automatically updated app and also with a clean installed app but it is still not work.

You tried it in web or mobile?