Use IFTT to send email notification

I am using Heimdall as a security system. I would like to have email notifications for instance when the alarm is activated and disarmed. How can I use IFTT for this purpose? As I am new to IFTT, I would probably need a detailed description… I have installed the IFTT Homey app and have an IFTT account. And I have added the IFFT card as an action. However, now I need the next step on how to actually make sure that IFTT send me email notifications.

Why not use an app for this?

I have tried that app, but it just wont work… I am also afraid that it will compromise the security of my email account. Therefore, I believe that IFTT might be a better option.

Why email instead of a direct message to your phone. You could use pushover for that. I use this in combi with lightflow. This way my phone tels me the status of heimdall thru voice and message instantly.

Thanks! I will check Pushover as well! Managed to get IFTT to work, had to make an IFTT applet.