Wich Homey supported alarm device most suitable for my setup


I have a storage location elsewhere in town with an alarm. The location has wifi, my alarm sends notifications to my smartphone. With the IFTTT app it reads the alarm notification and triggers some flows.

Unfortunately the IFTTT service is not very reliable. Sometimes the app doesn’t work, sometimes there’s a big delay etc. I would like to upgrade the alarm, devices that can directly communicate with my Homey (WAN). I use a motion detector (PIR) and doorcontact.

Thanks in advance for suggestions!



May be using Shally devices …have a look to them, they are relly reliable and can send an http request to your homey.

Can’t find the app, how do i look it up in the appstore?

Sorry I wrote Shally but it should be Shelly … at the following link

are all wifi devices with the possibility to send http requests over wifi