Shelly device not found in Homey

Hello all wise heads.

I have run into a problem that I cannot solve myself, and am hoping that there is someone here in the forum who has some knowledge that I can perhaps work on?

My problem is that I can’t get any Shelly devices into Homey. No matter what I do, Homey finds no available devices.

So far I have tried with the following devices:
Shelly Plus 1 mini
Shelly Dimmer 2
DShelly Plus 1 (old type)

I have discussed this with Shelly Support who deny any issues on their end and refer to Homey Support. Homey Support has not yet responded and I sent inquiry 15 days ago.

All Shelly devices fit nicely into Shelly’s own app, and the functionality here is fine and problem-free.

When I try to add Shelly devices to Homey, I just get a response saying that there are no devices to be found.

Does anyone have any suggestions for some troubleshooting that I can try. To find where the error might be.

Could it be my settings in Shellyapp?

I run WIFI in my home, only 2.4 mhz, and it is a mesh system with 3 bases, which covers my home very well.

I’m not exactly a beginner in using Homey, so I’m somewhat confused that I can’t get the devices through to Homey smoothly.

I thank you for your help in advance.

This question would “fit nicely” in the dedicated thread for the Shelly app.
Please make sure you have followed the troubleshooting guidelines in the first post of that thread.

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