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Use Homey to control a smoke detector in my storage space (multiple floors down)

I live in an apartment and have a personal storage space at ground level for my bikes and other stuff. My wife wants to buy an electric bike, but that comes with the risk of a fire. Therefore I would like to use Homey to limit the hours the battery is charging (e.g. a Fibaro wall plug) and operate a smoke detectors. However the many floors block the signal and the storage space doesn’t have internet.

There is electric cable going from the breaker panel to the storage area, which should make it possible to use a kind of ‘internet of powerline’ solution.

Any ideas how to fix this (without buying a second Homey)? Thank you kindly for your help.

Is the smoke detector also located at the ground level?
If yes, then you can use device association. If smoke alarm true then turn off wall plug.
The association function “associates” two devices, enabling them to communicate directly without the need for a central controller. Check out Fibaro’s wall plug manual.

But I don’t think that you can setup a timer in the Fibaro wall plug without a controller.

Maybe another idea is to use a temperature sensor which you simply put on top of the battery each time you plug it in for charging (need to remember that…) which by direct association triggers the wall plug to turn off if reaching a certain temperature. Those batteries get hot before catching fire. A Fibaro universal sensor in combination with a temperature switch can do the trick.

The temperature sensor is a good suggestion.
I think I found the solution with a powerline connection which clones the wifi to my storage area.