Urgent appeal for help from this wonderful community: life-saving solution needed

Dear Homey community,
I need your help.
In short and stacato:

Good friends of ours have a child who almost died from suffocation at night. I want to see if I can give them extra help by setting up a Homey with a saturation meter for the child.
Of course: no guarantee and no responsibility whatsoever. But the more tools the better.

Some explanation:
Child is asthmatic and when having a cold, the throat (apparently) constricts. Parents were still sitting on the couch downstairs and heard their child making noises. Went to have a look, completely blue in the face. Called the ambulance, it took them too long, so they raced to the emergency room themselves. Luckily they were on time. Hospital indicated: if you had waited for an ambulance, your child would not have been alive.
You can imagine that they have trouble sleeping. Also because the investigations are still taking place.

I am thinking of installing a homey (pro) in combination with a saturation meter. So I am urgently looking for a saturation meter for them that can somehow be linked to homey. In order to create multiple flows (and backup flows, etc.) with light signals and sound signals when saturation drops.
Can you please help?

I find saturation meters with Bluetooth. I have no knowledge of programming (except simple homey apps and flows)

For example, if I google ‘saturation meter api’ I find:

  1. : GitHub - anaestheticsapp/bluetooth: Using Web Bluetooth API to create a pulse oximetry web app
  2. : Building a Pulse Oximetry tracker using AWS Amplify and AWS serverless | AWS Compute Blog

Only I don’t know what I’m seeing… can a programmer help me please?
Payment is of course possible in consultation.

Thank you

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Dear @Timmm ,
I appreciate your commitment, but I wouldn’t use the Homey for critical medical applications.
If there are reliable medical sensors with remote signals, they have their own software. Everything you put on top of it seems to diminish the reliability.
The only thing you can add, is if Homey detects the alarm by whatever you can use, it might launch an additional alarm and turn on all lights in the baby’s room and corridors, so the parents can go there without having to care about switching lights,

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We used an Owlet sock when our baby was newborn. While no Homey integration, it will alert with sounds and push notifications to the phone (not Critical notification for iOS though which is a shame).

Hi Dirk, thank you.
Yes the idea is indeed to not only rely on Homey of course. But as a certain extra to turn on alarm,sonos,lights etc.

Thank you! Thats also a good one. Ill let them know this for sure.
And yes, im really looking for an solution to turn on alarm,sonos,lights etc. too

Low saturation is a trigger and I assume that “making noises” is a trigger too. Could a babyphone with a VOX function be a solution?

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