Update devices on home assistant


When i add things to homey, how do i update the device list in home assistant?
I have installed a new namron dimmer, but its not showing up in home assistant, and i cant figure out how to update the home assistant device list.

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Thank you for your reply.

This i did several times.

Ended up installing a test version of the hub.
The device list was updated.

But a little strange problem.
When i try to adjust the light in homey, the namron dimmer works just fine, and i see the “level” in Home assistant is updated.

But when i adjust it in home assistant nothing is happening, and i also dont see a change in the “level” bar in homey. I can turn the light on and off in home assistant though.

So homey works, and level bar in home assistant is ok.
In home assistant only on/off works, but nothing gets updated in homey app

Any thought of why ?

Have you ever checked whether the MQTT Client app is running? Please restart it. Otherwise, please restart Home Assistant. Let HA restart and then restart Homey afterwards.

Yes, everything else is working just fine. Just not the new namron dimmer.

Have restarted it, but will try in the way you suggested