Missing feedback - HOMEY when switching light on and off

Dear Friends
I’m struggling with a dimmer which I would like to use in my home automation. The dimmer is similar to a couple of other brands like Nordtronic and Namron. I have not tried the Nordtronic og the Namron but the one which that I’m struggling with is the same EAN number and the manufacture is Envilar.

EAN: 5712716078505

The dimmer works fine but the feedback from the dimmer when using the switch is extremely slow or non existing depending how the dimmer is connected.

Connection directly to Philips HUB
When the dimmer is connect to Phililps HUB the feedback is delayed approximate 30-90 sek. By activating the dimmer using the app the feedback is instantly with a few ms. delay. which is okay if you keep in mind that a signals are wireless.

Connection directly to HOMEY
I have tried to find a APP for the device in Homey App store but it seems like 3 part dongle from Envilar is no where to be find. I have tried to use the Nordtronic APP and the APP from Namron but none of the will accept the dimmer from Envilar even if the EAN number is the same.
Homey can connect to the dimmer but it will be marked as “unknown device” and the feedback from the dimmer does not work at all.

Does anyone know who to fix the delay or which app I might could try out?

I could try another dimmer but the things is that I already installed around 20-25 dimmers so I would really applicate if any one could help.

I have been trying to se if I would create my one app but it seems like a long way to go especially since I have no experience programming apps.

Best of luck