Unknown nodes (Remove greyed-out)

I have six “unknown nodes” in

How can I work out what they are and what I should do about them?

I see here and here that mostly people want to remove them, but as you can see below, ‘Remove’ is greyed out in my menu:


If I click ‘Test’ 3 out of 6 say ‘reachable’, the other’s ‘Unreachable’
‘Heal’ doesn’t seem to work (‘Network request failed’).

Any suggestions?

After using “test” on an unknown node which doesn’t say “unreachable”, normally the “remove” is available.


OK, so that does that mean we can’t remove “unreachable”?

For one that is reachable, does that mean that it’s a device on the network somewhere. Presumably one that I’ve installed, so I guess I shouldn’t remove it? Why does it who up as “unknown”?

If a device is tagged unreachable, you are able to remove the “unknown node” with the delete from the drop down menu.
You can let homey mark a device “unreachable” (if it is really unreachable) by pressing the “test” option.

If it is still reachable, which is possible, you can do 2 things,
Delete it via the developer tools “remove device” button at the top, and start the inclusion/exclusion protocol on that device so it is excluded.
Or remove the power from that device (remove battery/take out the plug) and press the test button and it will be tagged “unreachable”, so you can delete it from the drop down menu.

If you don’t know what device it is, press the basic on/off a few times, if it can switch, you can see/hear it switch in real life.
If it is not an actuator, but for example a motion sensor, then good luck finding it.

A device must be tagged “unreachable” to be able to be removed via the drop down menu.

This has been recently changed, so all information you have found up until now is old news.
They are still harmless if you do want to leave them in Homey though, people just dislike if something is “unknown”.