Unknown light switches

Hi everyone,

About 2h of athom homey experience. So far I have been able to add most of my smart devices but can’t identify and add any of my wall switches.

I got both 1 channel, 2 channel and 1 channel with dimmer switches. They are currently identified and pared with the Smart Life app and identified/pared under WiFi switch.

Anyone with the same switches that’s managed to solve it? See attached pictures for two of the versions I use in my house.

BR Daniel

If they are controlled by the Smart Life app, they are Tuya devices. There are two Tuya apps for Homey available:

Both aren’t trivial to get working though, I’m afraid.

Did you ever managed to fix the dimmer switch? What Homey-app did you use to connect them to Homey?

( @robertklep )
When bought via AliExpress I want them to connect with Homey (ofcourse :grin:) are there any more options nowadays?

No, but I think the Tuya Cloud app is relatively easy to use.

I installed that app on homey yesterday but doesn’t look like it supports dimmer switches. Do I end up with dimmer switches which I can’t use with the homey app? @robertklep




You’d have to ask the developer of the app to be sure, I don’t have any Tuya devices myself.

Thanks for the hint @robertklep Seems like it is going to work, would be awesome. The app does connect with cloud and my dimmer-switch pops up. :muscle:

Need to test it though as I am working on electric at the moment. :partying_face:

@Jackass Haven’t looked in to it recently if it is possible. At the time I wrote about it I tried everything I was recommended but never got it to work. At the moment they are all controlled by eWeLink… but I hope they eventually will work with my Homey.

Hi, @wikman8

It works!

Download “Tuya cloud” app for Homey.

Config it first

Then add a device and select the Tuya cloud app.

Then select “Light”

From there on it’s a simple process.

Enjoy your dimmer-switch by using it in your Homey flows.

Hier wordt volledig uitgelegd hoe je een op Tuya cloud gebaseerde WiFi dimmer schakelaar kunt installeren op Homey.

Here is explained, step by step, how you can install a Tuya cloud based WiFi dimmer switch on Homey.

LINK : Install Tuya cloud based WiFi dimmer switch on Homey