Unknown error when the app becomes active

Homey version: 7.1.3
iOS App version:
iOS version: 14.8

Problem description:
Frequently the “Unknown error” is displayed when the app becomes active. After a retry the app does


Does iOS / your phone disconnect WiFi when not in use?

Since messages and notifications keep coming in I suspect that it does not disconnect. It happens when the app is pushed to the background (inactive) and the device is locked and after a short period the device is unlocked again and the App is activated (foreground) whilst stay connected to the same WIFI AP.

I recognize this situation. I have not investigated nor have I sent a mail to support. Pressing the reconnect button always solved this.

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I reported this issue to support a while ago and it has no priority. It is very annoying cause every time the smartphone changes internet connection, the problem occurs. So it is impossible to quickly change an alarm setting or turn on the lights when leaving/coming home.

Philips Hue, Tado heating and my previous Vera Edge do not have connectivity problems so why can’t Homey.