Universal remote control idea

I am looking for a way to use a simple comfortable couch remote control to some basic homey task.

The scenario is for example wanting to adjust volume of different Sonos speakers without having to use the APP. I am looking for for example IR/ Bluetooth / Zigbee remote at where i can have phisical buttons to program my self. I relally im looking forward for a remote at where i can adjust every button as a trigger.

I dont want a device with 6 buttons like the ikea remote or a KAKU AYCT-102, I am looking for an alternative to logitech harmony

Quite expensive, but after my Logitech Harmony(end of life) i tried a Neeo(€500,-) This company was bought by another company and the project was shut down immediately. So how nice this looks(really) i will wait for a while before making any decision.

Hi @Marcel_Ubels

I have a lot of neeo‘s, i used it daily. Thanks to Jac.

Starting point for the meta driver: GitHub - jac459/meta: Drivers development en execution platform for neeo remote (metadriver reloaded)

Any remote controller that is supported by homey would do, no?
Personally, I use a cheap KlikAanKlikUit, but IKEA Tradfri, or whatever should do the trick.

I like this one but does it or will it support Homey?

Yes definitively.

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